11/17/2017 Nancy Young The service was honest and quick. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. Will be taking my car back for regular service!
11/16/2017 Ken Booth I have had my Jeep new since 1999. They are honest people to work with on keeping my vehicle running and another 18 years!
11/16/2017 Katy Schroeder I'm so happy that I found Murray Motive! These guys are great. They are honest, and take great care of your car. It's so hard to find a reliable mechanic that you can trust, but I have found one at Murray Motive. I would highly recommend this team.
11/16/2017 Andrew Lefevre All the guys at Murray Motive go out of their way to make auto repairs as painless and customer friendly as possible. The mechanics go out of their way to explain the complications, and provide a detailed receipt upon completion of service that shows step-by-step what they did to your vehicle. Flexible, personal, and customer service based. Highly recommended.
11/15/2017 Steve Young Another great experience at Murray Motive. Thanks guys!
11/13/2017 Kristi Kent Always great service! I trust them to tell me what's TRULY wrong with my car. Prices are great, and the guys are very friendly and helpful. They explain everything in a very easy to understand way.
11/13/2017 Lance Willard Taking your vehicle to a mechanic is like going to the dentist with a NEVER want to do it but it's part of life. Everyone at Murray Motive is welcoming, professional and each time I have used their services I have been impressed with the outstanding service. Lastly....I have yet to have an issue with their work and need to bring my vehicle back to them.
11/10/2017 Taylor Henderson Great service and communications! Chris is a great guy. I will refer all of my clients to Murray!!
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